Black Collar Biz






Man In The Mirror-

My mother said byron make better choices/

So I went hard wit music…ma I can’t avoid it/

Its something in me…that keep pushing me to tell my story/

But they don’t listen/cuz they feel a nigga comin corny/

I’m from that same ave/ where them niggas blast at/ stash in the trash bag/shoot 1st ask last/dime sack roll up past that..thirsty.hood bitches tryna fuck us like kat stacks/

But I’m lookin for a queen/ just to share my love/

I lost my first cuz I was young stuck..dumb as fuck/

I’m educated/ but I’m always doin stupid shit/

U live and u learn….so I learned what a nuisance is/depressed from my desicions/so I’m losing it/

Lookin in the mirror/ like damn what am I doin here/then the mirror spoke to me like yeah this u in here/then he said its hard for me to get threw/to u/ from here/

I spent days..dedicated to the craft I love/

Cross my heart and kiss the cross/

And hope for better days/

Running thru this marathon/

Feel like I’m just step away/

Yesterday /it was just/ all so simple/

Them ghostfaces/ that’s never comin back again/

Loved Voices that a never get to laugh again/

Same ones u used 2 drunk /and stagger wit/

I know death gotta be special/ but what the fuck is after this/ lifes is just a choice of the good and evil so u battling/

But ain’t nobody perfect/

I’m cool where I’m at kid/u worried bout a purchase/

I’m tryna be a better person/

Yeah we stuck in ways

Cuz change make a niggas nervous/

But its worth it/ if u live wit a purpose/

That’s what the man in the mirror said/

he dropped some jewels on me/

and I made sure that I heard em clear/

He said stop lookn out..but first look with in/

and Be ready for any and every chance that u get/

My niggas said collar/ son we gotta make it/

I said we can bruh/ but look man its complicated/

Cuz once we /divide the plate/

And organoize the plan to over take the land/ that’s when u’ll see the rise in hate/

All these niggas like me me me me…/

To many I’s in ya team then u cant be we/

Yes in french/ grab ya mirror/catch a glimpse/

We tryna go the extra mile/ and u niggas scared to budge a inch/

Uh las words from my reflection/ got me thinking bout how I move…and my direction/

We can make a wrong turn and get back on track/

But when u fail twice/ its like u losing back to back/

But its go life…that mean it forward progress/

Brokenigga hunger wit billionaire mind set/

Diggin deep look in is where you find that/

U gotta start wit u/becuz we’ll never get time back/